App to help people cut back on drinking 05 Jan 2015

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Researchers from Bangor University’s School of Psychology have developed a game that is helping people cut back on their drinking.

People who consume alcohol at levels about the recommended limits pay far more attention to alcohol related images. This ‘attentional bias’ leads to earlier consumption of alcohol, fuelling the cycle of drinking.

The Bangor University researchers have been successful in retraining attention away from alcohol-related images, thereby breaking the cycle. They hope that converting this procedure into a mobile-based game could lead to dramatic health improvements across the UK.

The team were successful in winning two SBRi (Small Business Research initiative) contracts with the Department of Health to test the game’s feasibility and develop a market ready version. The results have demonstrated that the mobile game is as effective as the laboratory-based treatment programme in reducing alcohol consumption.

The game has been made available to the general public. Next, the team aim to have the game available to Doctors and Health Authorities, making it accessible through the NHS.

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