Plants as a Source of Fine Chemicals

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Bangor University


Chemical, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Physical Sciences

About The Opportunity:

The BioComposites Centre at Bangor University has unique expertise in the use of commonly occurring plants as alternative sources of natural chemicals.  Multiple extraction platorms are used.  We have laboratory through to pilot scale supercritical CO2 (SC02) extraction faciltities and pilot scale biorefining faciltiies at a dedicated technology transfer centre.   


  • Applications for these compounds are wide-ranging: human and animal health and crop protection markets.

Key Benefits:

  • Alternative source to petro-chemicals.

IP Status:

Numerous patent applications for the selective extraction of valuable fine chemicals, providing an alternative, sustainable route to speciality platform chemicals.  


Bangor University is seeking collaborative partners (growers/industry) to develop this research and its potential exploitation.  We also offer contract research faciltiies to industry and can help scale up technologies.

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