High-Bandwidth Photonic Antenna Technology

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University of South Wales


Electronics, Sensors and Photonics, Information and Communications, Nanotechnology, Physical Sciences

About The Opportunity:

Novel photonic, high-bandwidth, highly directional, multi-beam antenna that increases reception accuracy significantly and enables many wireless users to operate within the same frequency band. The technology integrates true-time delay (TTD) structure and will enable a broadband (up to 1GHz bandwidth at 5.6GHz), electromagnetic-interference-free, compact, low weight, motion-free, multi-element antenna or Smart Antenna to be developed that uses photonic RF signal processing to automatically adapt its radiation and/or reception pattern to the RF signal frequency band (up to 10GHz) and environment. A patent (GB2462027) has been granted; the university is now seeking a licensee and collaborative research partners.


  • The broadband feature of the antenna and data transmission rate coupled with the high sensitivity beam steering can be used to revolutionize several wireless application areas including metropolitan area networking using WiMax or high speed localised wireless data transmission for medical and security applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Low cost (integration)
  • Broadband providing up to 1GHz bandwidth at 5.6GHz
  • Multi-band (900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 5.6 GHz and up to 10GHz)
  • High directivity
  • Fast switching speed
  • Flexible light source requirements

IP Status:

 A patent (GB2462027) has been granted for this invention


The university is now seeking a licensee and collaborative research partners.

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