Biofuel production processes from grass

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Aberystwyth University


Chemical, Energy and Renewables, Environment and Sustainability, Food and Drink, Agriculture

About The Opportunity:


The production of liquid transport fuels from renewable, sustainable biomass feedstock is a rapidly growing global need. High-sugar perennial-ryegrasses, (Lolium perenne) and Italian rye-grass (Lolium multiflorum), are the dominant grass species of the North West European, New Zealand and Australian, Japanese, South African and South American temperate agricultural grasslands (Wilkins and Humphreys 2003). 

In the United Kingdom 11.2 million hectares of agricultural land is designated as grassland, that equates to over 60% of all the agricultural land in the country (DEFRA, 2010). The abundance, yield and immediate accessibility of these perennial grasses are desirable pre-requisites of a biomass feedstock for biorefining to liquid fuels, platform chemicals and other commodities.

Current Issues

Biofuels are gaining increased public and scientific attention, driven by factors such as oil price hikes, the need for increased energy security, and concern over greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. There is a need for improved and alternative methods for production of biofuel.

Our new technology

Aberystwyth University have developed an improved process for the production of biofuel from grass. Our biofuel production process includes proprietary production steps within the process of pressing grass to obtain grass juice; separating liquid from the grass juice; pasteurising the liquid; acidifying and incubating the liquid; and fermenting the liquid in order to produce biofuel including bioethanol.


Key Benefits:

The production of bio-ethanol from lignocellulosic feedstocks such as straw, wood chip, corn stover is complex and has high associated capital costs. The Aberystwyth University process captures simplicity, scalability, ethanol titers achieved (>5% w/v) and multiple commodity value streams produced, making biorefining high-sugar perennial-ryegrass a realistic solution to stimulate bio-economic growth in the rural community



  • Transportation fuels
  • Alcoholic beverages

IP Status:

GB National application filed


We are currently seeking industry collaborator(s) to further the development of this technology.