Drug Delivery System (Cancer Prodrug)

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Bangor University


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About The Opportunity:

This technology aims to improve cancer prodrug therapy (chemotherapy).  It is based on the use of gold-coated magnetic nanoparticles (Au-MNPs) as a delivery vehicle for bacterial nitroreductases to solid tumours using a focused magnetic beam. This method aims to overcome the current limitation of poor enzyme expression and inefficient tumour targeting.  It is an early stage technology undergoing further optimisation. 

Key Benefits:

  • More efficient and effective treatment
  • Gold coated magnetic particles technology is a unique platform for drug delivery 


  • Targeted drug delivery system
  • Commercial sale of the gold coated magnetic particles for other applications
  • Commercial development of the proprietary polymer coating technology

IP Status:

Patent pending


We are looking for collaborative partners to continue development of this technology to refine it and take it to market.  We are particularly interested in engaging with potential licensing partners. 

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