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Swansea University was formed in 1920 and it remains one of the foremost technology universities in the UK. Swansea is a world-renowned institute and is at the leading edge in engineering, materials research, computational science and applied research. The Science and Innovation Campus that is currently being developed as a second campus at Swansea will house an Engineering Manufacturing Centre and a number of research and testing facilities. The second campus will also be a hub for collaborations with some of the leading industrial companies in the world. These facilities will further cement Swansea’s reputation for being an industry-facing institute with a focus on technology and engineering.

Commercialisation and Intellectual Property

The Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) is responsible for managing the contractual and legal obligations of the University and in particular those relating external funding bodies and the various business partners who engage with the University. Swansea has personnel who are experienced at obtaining matched funding for projects from a range of bodies including Welsh Government departments, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), and various research councils such as the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and EU funding bodies.

The DRI also contains an Intellectual Property (IP) Group that is responsible for the capture and commercial exploitation of technologies developed at Swansea University. The IP Group has extensive business experience and has worked closely with a number of external stakeholders including venture capitalists, angel investors and financing organisations to spin out a number of successful companies and to license technologies to both large corporations and SMEs.

Collaborations and Services

Swansea has a number of longstanding industrial collaborative projects with some of the leading technology companies in the world. The University has also pioneered the LEAD Project that enables and acts as a lever for SME growth in Wales. In particular, The Sustainable Product Engineering Centre for Innovative Functional Industrial Coatings (SPECIFIC) Project is a ground breaking enterprise which aims to turn buildings into power stations, bringing significant environmental and economic benefits.


Some of the Centres of Expertise that are based at Swansea University include:


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